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We envision a Bangladesh where anyone, anytime from anywhere can learn by accessing the world’s best e-learning experience.

BacBon School is an initiative of BacBon. It is the largest online educational platform covering all aspects of education, starting from the lower secondary to the tertiary level of education. It provides a great opportunity for every learner all around the globe. It caters to the needs of a large audience including the secondary and higher secondary level students, university admission aspirants, higher study aspirants, and job seekers.

BacBon school is the fruition of a youth-based passionate team that is relentlessly working to make the platform both technologically and content-wise. Our content creators are students/graduates of renowned universities like BUET, IUT, DU, DMC and so on. The technical team consists of top-level professionals who are working hand in hand with the content development team to touch every aspect of the academics such as JSC, SSC, HSC, University admission, BCS and Bank Job preparation as well as IELTS and GRE.

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